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All of our solutions are customized to fit your needs, so features can be added or removed

 Don't get stuck with features that make your tasks more complicated

 Get rid of unnecessary software noise.......we still believe simplicity is the best design!


Compliance/Expiration Tracker


Automotive & truck scheduled maintenance

Construction, auto, truck Permits

Contractors insurance docs

Renters insurance docs

Education - assignments

Business administration - management

Deadlines filings, renewals, depreciation tracking

Legal - court filings/appearances

Commercial & Residential leases/rentals Contract renewals

Insurance renewals

Membership renewals

Works with over 2,000 applications

Cloud Based

some feature highlights......

  • Works with thousands of other applications.

  • Automatically schedule renewals as soon as renewals and/or expiration dates are documented, no calendar to monitor.

  • Automatic notification when renewal is updated or received.

  • Automatic notification documents have been accepted or rejected.

  • Complete paperless filing and retrieval.

  • Convenient Forms automatically sent to retrieve documents, with links and document attachment capability.

  • Automatically tracks status of your documents.

  • Cloud based, no software required.

  • Reports

  • Reminders


Go Paperless Now


As more workers work from home, and offices receive documents electronically, new procedures need to be put into place leaving many companies extremely vulnerable to security issues and complete lack of control over their documents. Paperless file cabinet allows secure storage of all your documents & records, making retrieval fast, reliable, and consistent throughout your organization. Works with over 2,000 other applications. 100% cloud based.

some feature highlights......

  • Complete control over who has access to your documents

  • Allows for transmission from any source, controlled and tracked by you, the user via an electronic form.

  • Instantly turn your document submissions into exportable accounting entries, and export for import into any application that accepts CSV or excel formats.

  • Automatically files your documents into the correct departments electronic filing cabinet.

  • Retrieve your documents or multiple documents in seconds when requested, with advanced and repeatable searches.

  • Complete document tracking.

  • Powerful filters

  • User friendly

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Organize by file/document type

Marketing & Document Generation

some feature highlights......



Marketing packages



Document library



Change orders


Product catalogs and spec sheets


Business cards



CSV import/export

Bookmarkable forms w/complete 24/7 tracking and management

Works with over 2,000 applications

User friendly

No plug-ins required

Cloud Based

  • Your Document contents, starts at the data, not the document.

  • Company wide price increase, no problem, update all your document content in seconds.

  • Create data or use existing data from other applications to populate your documents and marketing materials, not the other way around.

  • Select your data then select which documents you want to include in your presentation or pitch/proposal.

  • Integrates with thousands of other applications so your data can be used again or collected from other applications.

  • Data from multiple records can be used to generate entire document sets, you control the output in a couple of clicks.

  • Send your documents out to png, power point, or word.

  • Use the data you create, or import your data from your accounting, or custom applications.


Purchasing Center


Master products

Integrated purchase orders

Integrated warehouse shipping & receiving

Bar code capable

Import/Export multiple formats 

Price list driven/user friendly update/import

Integrated dispatching

Purchase order tracking

Complete Report Center

Management & Supervisor center

Supports unlimited warehouse locations

Real time inventory counts

Mobile apps

High level security management

Export center for export to other accounting software

Cloud Based

some feature highlights......

  • Easy to use importer to keep vendor price list up-to-date to automatically populate your purchase orders with your current vendor supplied price list using CSV or Excel.

  • Project/Job driven cost tracking.

  • True up-to-date cost of sales, including freight, surcharges & sales tax.

  • On-the-fly job creation, sales tax, shipping locations, jobs/projects, vendors, purchase orders, special orders.

  • Dispatching w/auto reverse.

  • Comprehensive Reports and reconciliations.

  • Controlled supervisor controls.

  • Secure user permissions.

  • Complete Purchase Order generation, management & reporting.

  • Plays well with other programs, your information is not locked into your software.

Bid Tracker

some feature highlights......



Complete paperless bid management system that can be up and running in minutes

Maintain approved vendors/contractors/suppliers list

(can also be integrated with our compliance tracker for even more powerful control)

Select individual or entire list of recipients you wish to respond to your bide request

Send a re-usable or one time only form for completion and document submission

Track your submissions and request automatically

Invitation to bid Form supports links and attachments

Cloud Based

Import or export to other applications or software

Completely Customizable, add or remove features that work best for your business

  • Powerful easy to use filters for search ease.

  • Customizable to meet your specific needs.

  • Keeps documents and bid amounts in one secure location, yet exportable for use in other applications.

  • Automatic notification when bids are received. 

  • Easily review your bids without having to look at details until your ready to.

  • Easy to download, view and share.

  • Complete bid history.

  • Save your favorite searches.

  • Easy to use and create forms in minutes, and you can attach a link to your blueprints, forms, documents, or even documents.

  • You can choose to receive notifications when a new bid is received and/or requested.

  • Completely customizable for your specific needs.

  • Your information can be exported to other software, and/or integrated with thousands of other commonly used applications.

  • Create documents from the data you receive.

  • Create document or image library for even more powerful viewing.

  • User friendly

Time & Mileage Tracker

some feature highlights......


Time & Mileage tracker is designed to track time and/or mileage from one location to another, shop, supplier, vendor, customer, clients, patients, jobsites, or delivery locations. Our T&M tracker allows for standard deductions, customization of rates, specific zip-code price differentials. Interfaces with google-maps, complete printable pdf, excel, or export to other applications or software. 

  • Setup or import from other software or applications suppliers, jobsites, clients, patients, employees, etc.

  • Customizable rates, by location type.

  • Customizable rate differentials zip code, county based.

  • Use as a stand-alone product, or import/export to or from your other software or applications.

  • On-the-fly quick add addresses, locations.

  • Reports Hours travel time.

  • Reports Mileage (interfaces with google maps).

  • Mileage Report includes job, location and address by driver, and can be printed, pdf'd, excel, or export to your other software of applications.

Project/Tasks Management

some feature highlights......


If you have looked at numerous software products and cannot find one that does just what you need and is not bloated with more things you don't need than do, this is for you and can be easily and affordably customized to meet your specific needs:

  • Employee activity management

  • Project Management

  • Order fulfillment 

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Delivery Management

  • IT tasks and check list

  • Construction punch-lists

  • Repair orders

  • Maintenance & repairs

  • Management & supervisory tracking and followup

  • Cloud based

  • Create a queue of things to do.

  • Assign tasks, or mark them as available.

  • Assign your tasks a priority - create a pecking order.

  • Create a secure form in minutes to receive and submit information pertaining to your project/task.

  • Optionally receive notifications when new information is received or projects/tasks are completed.

  • Create update reports for management/supervisors. 

  • Automatically generate timestamps for project starts and stops for better cost and/or billable time controls.

  • Create your own "Help" library to quickly retrieve helpful tools and hints for the projects/tasks you are performing.

  • Maintain up-to-date most recent folders/files for active files, so tasks can be continued and completed by multiple technicians.

  • Easy to use, modify and control

  • Receive information from outside sources to add or update your projects, and optionally receive automatic notifications when new and/or updates have been received.

  • Complete Task history

  • User friendly & extremely customizable


Construction Project Management

some feature highlights......


Complete construction project management, that can be customized to include the modules and features you want, and not a ton you will never use. Our systems has taken over two decades to build out to fully 100% integrated, taking you from budget preparation to final billing and statements. Fully integrated lien releases, budgets, continuations sheets RFI's change orders, contingencies, subcontractor, compliance tracking, customized for either general contractors or trade specific contractors. Cloud based, and mobile friendly. We also have complete payables center with computerized check writing, AP, bank reconciliations, and the true costing connection. Mobile friendly apps where you need them. 

  • Complete from start to finish beginning with your budget prep, your budget can be completed in our software, or imported from your favorite soft


This solution description under construction


Do you have a seasonal or year-round RV or Mobile Home Park, or storage facility and just need a good solid basic, easy to use system with the ability to generate comprehensive and thorough leases, statements, site maps, metered fees, receivables, storage fees, and a live up to date rent roll any time you need it, Letters, memos, anywhere you have internet access? Would you like to be able to set up your existing tenants today, and have all of this tomorrow, just by entering the information on your lease? 

Screenshot 2023-02-26 132513.png

Seasonal RV Park, Mobile Home Park Management System

Please be patient as we continue to populate or solutions page.....

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